Monday, June 21, 2010


Where did the weekend go? We had a great time at Church yesterday but chased rabbits down rabbit trails in our discussions until 4 PM! Usually we are home about 3. It was very deep and enjoyable discussions about many areas most even Biblical.

Once we got home older son DD dad and I trimmed the donkey's hooves. :) She had been on the back side and I didn't know until Sat her hooves were in such a shape. Once that was done I was off to "play" in the tractor with the new double disk. I managed to get about 3 circles done in the field before I blew a radiator hose. I told dh it was to hot to work! I had to find some way to stop.

After that I enjoyed visiting with older son. We were discussing guns and what gun I want to buy. I think I have about talked myself into it. I want an FN 5.7. The more I read the more I want it. I really can only find about 2 downs. Number 1 is the price! As my son pointed out they are pricy, but no where near the level of some of the guns he wants. The other down is it will be larger to conceal. DS has also found a new holster that looks really comfortable to wear. That might make it easier to conceal. The price of the bullets isn't as cheap as 9s but not as $$ as 45s so :) I keep looking and reading and considering.

As the kids swam I gave the boys hair cuts. I called them out of the pool one at a time and lowered their ears. They all three looked bad before. My clippers are dull or in need of replacing so they hair cuts took longer and don't look great, but they aren't girls anymore! I need to see if I can find a set on Amazon reasonable.

Sat. afternoon a friend came and PG tested my milk cows. I was please that he said all but was was bred. I didn't think the one was though since she has been sorta sickly. He said she has bag worms and told me what wormer to give her. I hope she will soon recover. MN had already My friend said usually you can look at a cow and if she is equally fat on both sides it is a grass belly no calf, but if she is lopsided then she has a calf. If she lops to the right bull calf and left is heifer. I can't wait to see how well this figures. My old jersey is very muchly a right lop. So were most if not all of the others..... lots of beef if he is right!

I also sold a couple of my cows. One that should have been heavy bred was open so she was out of here. Her last year calf and the calf of the cow I am milking for the house. So I can't cheat and just let her calf out with her if I don't want to milk. I have never used her for a nurse cow so don't know how easy it would be to teach her to feed calves. Oh well as soon as my old jersey calves I will dry her up.

Pup is doing great. This morning he was bringing his toy to me to throw from across the room. I can't believe how he brings it to me. Most puppies the chase is on to get it. Not him. I throw it and he brings it straight back. With a little growling he gives it to me to toss again. He has claimed this house as his. When someone walks in he barks. Last night MN pulled up on the ranger and you would have thought a strange creature drove up the way he sounded. This morning when D8 got up and came into the living room he got growled at and barked at a bit, but then it was OK. He has learned to get on my rocker footstool so he is napping by my foot on it.

This week my goal is to have a normal week. I just don't know what normal is! I plan on doing some more sorting and giving away from the school room. IF my dh fixes my cabinet in the bathroom I will tackle that. We have therapy on Thursday and a Bible Study on Friday.

Friday we harvested the green chili's from my 15 plants. I got almost 2 coffee cans from them. I picked half the plants and T did the others. I think I counted 33 or so peppers on my side. T then roasted them for me. She loves that job. We need to peel them today. Then put them in the freezer.

Off to milk and see what I can use milk for today! Anyone need milk? :) I have plenty!

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