Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yesterday we did a LOT of working outside. It was ONLY 105 or so before the day was done. We took a break about 3:30 for lunch. Then about 6:30 we went back to work

I started the day out potting some plants I had bought. I tend to buy them on clearance after the “season” is part way over. I am very pleased with how my porch is looking. My established plants are really recovering from the shock of moving outside and being blown around from a month of 30-40 mph wind more days than not.

DH worked all day with the weed eater.   He or MJ would work a bit and it would die.  He would take it apart and get it running.  Back to weed eating only for it to die again.  DH ended up deciding that he could do it better than MJ since he was better able to back of before it died.   So he did most of the weed eating. 
You can see the pump house in the back ground on the right.   This area was about 15 inches high in weeds and brush.   We trimmed up the trees and pulled the dead ones.  I had used round-up on a large part of it.  It just needed the dead weeds out.   Last year right in front of the pump house door MN came face to face with a large rattle snake. 

Then they tackled the "pool" pen.   See the fun climbing playing on tree in the back ground?   Weeds were taller than it is.   Yes, that is part of a boat you see.  Or the shell of a boat.    Kids love it!  But the weeds made it not a good place to play.   Now it is again

Last but not least in weeds was the area where our water tanks are.   They even managed to get all the weeds in that area!!!!  These are all the "non" yard areas of our yard.   Yes, we have a HUGE yard, even before you add all these areas in.  I am working to slowly take the back from the wild.   We have been blessed with so much rain we have lots of weeds this year.  

After our break for lunch or supper or what ever you want to call in, mainly escaping the heat. I got brave.  My porch swing needed some serious TLC. I bought it on clearance (of course!) several years ago. I think the first or maybe second summer the dogs tore the stuffing out of one of the cushions. From there it has just went down hill. I spend a fair amount of time on the swing either just soaking of the beauty of our piece of heaven, or talking with children who need TLC. It was to the point I wasn’t sure I could set on that side any more. So as I watched dad fight with the weed eater I studied how to take it a part. I was thinking of sewing new seats using used blue jeans. This is what the seats looked like.
After I got it apart I decided that a board seat might be better. MJ helped me take it apart so he got to help me go on a scavenger hunt. I needed some type board that was larger than the seat and would be strong enough for sitting. We came up with a piece of masonite siding not much larger than my swing seat. I took it back to the porch while he found a saw for me. He ended up with the jigsaw. That was a blessing.

I had two other kids measure to see if my measurements were right. Just because they have a hard time transferring book skills to real life. Then they helped me measure out what I needed on the siding. I came up with the idea of covering it in indoor/outdoor carpet as I worked on it. I saw part of the deck carpet tucked back on the porch. Once I had the square cut out I decided to notch the back so that it would fit better. I also notched the front sides a little. The piece of carpet fit perfect with just about ¾ of an inch on each side that wasn’t covered. About what I had notch. I stapled it down good under the front and pulled it tight to the back. Once there I stapled it and cut out for my notched spots. It slid perfectly into the notches on the swing and is tight enough I haven’t bothered to attach it. I may if it starts to wiggle. My thought as I looked at the final product was “Grandmother would be SO proud!” (My mom could and did all manor of stuff like this.)
Finished produce!    MN pointed out that this would make a better bed now, the way it was made with two seats was terrible to nap on.  She is right!  I had also attempted napping in it.   I did point out because I "save" all kinds of stuff we were able to have the stuff to redo it without a trip to town. 

Now on to my next started, but not finished project!   Last summer I saw walking sticks made out of yucca or soto blooms at two different state parks in NM.   I studied them and though about them and how easy it would be to make them.   Today I went on a treasure hunt with MN and D8.  Since I didn't know if you used the green ones or the dried ones we cut some of both.

I have since read on line that you sand the older dried out ones.   You can cut them green and put them some where to dry out, or find the dried ones still standing.   I picked one to start sanding on it today.  All I could find was a piece of belt sanding sand paper of a very course grade.  I sanded using it.  It is pretty smooth.  I plan on asking DH to get me some sand paper, leather lacing and sealer tomorrow in town.   You put a chair tip or cane tip on the bottom.  I think I will cover the top with a piece of leather and using the leather lace add beads and maybe even a concho along with a loop for your wrist.  I will post pictures of how this project goes as I do it.   

I know some of you are thinking blooms? walking sticks?  How will that work.   Ask any country kid in W.Texas and they will tell you they make great swords or other "weapons".  They are very stout.  I read somewhere they are compaired to bambo for being light yet a strong "wood".   

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Felicia said...

I love the swing project. Seems like quite a few of us are decluttering and doing little DIY projects.