Sunday, June 13, 2010

Your Tax $$$ at Work and other ramblings of our weekend...

Saturday we went to a school auction. The town had a new high school so they were cleaning out the old one. It really made you sick to see what they didn't need. I am guessing there were 400+ desk in good shape that weren't going to be moved. So many MANY other pricey things that they wanted new or a new style and were selling at less than penny's on the dollar. I wanted 6 of these desk.
They had two styles of them. These which are older and made out of 3.4 inch plywood and some "store bought" ones that looked new. These sold first. DH wanted to make sure I got a few so he bid on these. I didn't care which ones we got. What they would do is sell "choice" once or twice then sell what was left. I think choice went for about $5 each. Then they sold the rest, that is when DH bid. I got my 6 and about 10 more! Those are just the ones he brought home!!!!!!! He bid $5 for the lot!
This picture is sorta hard to tell what it is. It is three trash bags on their side, HUGE trash bags. What you ask are in them? Lap top computer cases.

They are used, but I counted the ones in ONE sack and I think there were 8. They are soft cases, but sorta hard sided. Going to be a great computer bag/Bible bag for trips. Keep in mind he bought 3 trash bags full!

Shelves anyone? I couldn't resist this little wooden one. It was $1.
This metal one with one bent shelve was a couple dollars. The tool boxes inside it were less than 5 for both of them.

More shop shelving for DH or me :) The taller one is going in the school room. The locker has shelves (homemade) in it.

It is hard to see here but the desk are setting on top of metal shelves. they are some what taken apart and still as wide as the trailer and 8ft tall. There are three sections that size stacked in the trailer.

Rocking chair anyone? These are HEAVY gliders, solid wood. One had a broke arm, but is very fixable.

I didn't buy many chairs, I should have but just didn't. They had lots and they went cheap!

I really wanted this desk. I thought it would be great for working with kids are maybe even sewing. So I got two of them!

For me this was the "steal" of the day. You can't tell to much about it in the trailer, but it is 8 ft long, three door 5-6 shelves 5 ft high cabinet. I paid $1 for it.

I got part of this worked into the school room yesterday and will finish today. I plan on getting several plastic shelving units out as I fill this wooden one and the metal one with my books and such. I moved the shelf that the kids used as a "desk" up just high enough to slide the new desk under them. I could fit 8 under there ! Think DH will let me fill all the desk?
I will take pictures today as I get it set up the way I want it. Now the school room looks like a double disaster!

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The Kelly Krew said...

Looks like time, you will have to let me know about the sale...I love sales like that. I LOVE the U shaped desk :):)