Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life School

Yesterday we didn't do book school. We spent the day re-working our school room. They kids learned to use a dolly. They really started that lesson on Sunday. I assigned 2 kids to move desk. I refused to help them. They were to work together and communicate! It was quite a show. About the time they got it figured out I made them switch. The "boss" had to be quite and allow the other child to run the dolly and give the orders. I have some children that are natural leaders and some that aren't. It was very hard for my leader to keep her mouth shut as someone bossed her who didn't know how to do it. I finally allowed her to go find an other job to do.

The girls sorted and moved books yesterday. I had to watch MN close or she would loose herself reading a book she didn't know we had. She likes reading! T and D8 alphabetized all my Louis L'Amour books. Just by letter, not all the way out. This was no small feat as I have many and many duplicates. I tend to buy the whole sack of Louis L'Amours and not worry about having a couple of them as between my son and I we wear them out.

I did laugh at D8 as I had him put the rest of my assorted paper backs on the bottom shelves. He put them in upside down, spine in and all. When I went back and discovered it I called him over. He knew they were wrong. I took them all out and allowed him to try again. I assured him he could practice until he gets it right. Amazingly he got it totally right that time.

Several times I allowed kids to move stuff with me telling them I need this here. Let me know when it is done and walked out of the room. I walked out to keep my mouth shut on the "best" or "easiest" way to get it there. Each time they managed to get it where I wanted it without killing the other child helping.

The kids also had to go through the toys which have procreated to the point they don't have room to play for the toys. I allowed each one a produce crate of toys, the rest went to the barn. I will see how this works. They really don't play with that many toys. They will have room to play now.

Today we will do life school day two. They also had to do lots of measuring to figure out what would fit where. I hope to help them learn to apply the school we usually learn. That they will see understand how important this education they are getting is in the world.

Time to start this day. I hope to have lots of pictures this day of all our accomplishments.

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