Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"A Call to Die"

Yesterday I started this book. It is TOUGH! You have to commit to spending an hour a day in prayer and study. This isn't proving to hard as it takes me about an hour to go through each days devotional and do the study. That isn't counting my regular Bible time. I have moved it to the afternoon when I sit down with a cup of coffee. You have to choose one thing to "fast" from for 40 days. I prayed about it and feel I need to fast from so much internet. I will be shutting my computer down when I head out to do chores of a morning. I won't be turning it back on until some time after 4 pm. I don't spend evenings on it anyway. When DH comes home I set it aside most nights. The exception is when we are looking for something or researching something with him on one and me on the other. I try very hard to not give in to family time on the computer. I do think I would be tempted to much if I just left it up all day and told myself to stay off of it. It would be to easy to check just "one thing".

I will have the the 'family' computer if I need to check weather or find something for one of my kids. For some reason that screen is hard for me to see so staying off it for "fun" isn't a chore.

The net is my "escape" when I don't really want to do. I will have to find other ways to entertain myself. I plan on reading more books. I have several I ordered from CBD not long ago. I can also spend time working on my loom. I will have more kid time to help them or guide them.

If anyone needs something from me during the day don't email, I won't be checking it until evening.

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