Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to go to town and get my new toy. My FN 5.7. All I can saw is WOW!!!!! This is the most amazing gun I have ever shot! Some call it an expensive .22 magnum. I call it awesome! I loaded two mags with shells, 20 in each one. I tossed a stick about 2 ft long and about 1.5 inches around into the pond maybe 15 ft. It stuck in the mud so I had a 6 inch piece of wood sticking up to aim at. I shot low not much, close enough if I had been doing a chest shot they would be gut shot. Next shot was even closer. Third shot I blew the stick into!!!!!! From there I danced it across the pond. Several times I made it fly into the air or sink under the water. I only shot about 25 rounds. I was so amazed. Wanted to not shoot my whole ammo stash in one shooting. I can see how that would be SO easy and SOOOOOOO fun to do!

I am by no means a good shot with the 9 mm I carry. I tend to hit lower and just do dot to dot going up a line with it. This one was more a grouping instead of a straight line. A CLOSE grouping for me! I would guess every shot would have been on the paper if I had a silhouette person target to aim at.

My son can't wait to play and do some testing to see how well it penetrates wet phone books. As close as he can come to gelatin. I was notable impressed!

After just 25 no make that 3 rounds I was pleased with my purchase. I have had several people want to shoot it. I told them $25 for 50 rounds :) I may need to order more ammo! Anyone know of a cheaper place than Cheaper than Dirt to get the 5.7 round right now?

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