Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bath time.....

One really fun thing about girls is they think bathing critters is "fun". I didn't get pictures of them bathing my pup, until I rescued him. Poor shivering puppy. He did NOT like a bath.

They were on to the next customer er victim. Poor Swan.

Notice the determined look on MN's face as she keeps this tiny puppy in the sink.

Out they come, water dripping from the towel. I am not even going to consider what type of liquid it was, it was water!

Finished product! Clean puppy!
They then took off looking for the next client. MN's 3/4 wild kitten. Seems this cat is SMART. He was unable to be located at this time. I will post pictures if and when they find him and get him wet.

I did suggest they do the big white dogs. They could use a bath. MN said "In the sink?" I assured her what ever floated her boat. Don't look for them to be clean anytime soon, unless she could lure them into the pool. Wonder if dad would be ok with flea shampoo in there?

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