Saturday, October 15, 2011


Yesterday was MN's 14th birthday.   How time flies when you are having fun! I find it hard to believe she has lived with us 7 years, half of her life.   She really is so much my dd it is funny.  I see me in her in funny ways, like she loves Brahma cattle, the long floppy ears.   Me too :)

She ask me last week if her birthday gift was "cool".  I thought a minute and decided it would be cool before her birthday.   I assured her it was.

She had to retrieve it out of the freezer!!!!! 

She seems to be having difficulty unfolding it.  I wonder why?   Couldn't be that I not only put it in the freezer several days ago, I soaked it down with water before it went in the freezer.

 Even dad got into the act of helping her get it unfolded.   It seemed to be stuck in places. 

 Once it was unfolded dad quickly wrapped her in her "COOL" blanket!   :)
 Here is a better picture of it, not wrapped around a squirming young lady.
 Other gifts from T, a dream catcher and....
 A horse, dream catcher Indian statue.

I really liked this picture of her. See her princess crown? MJ made it for her. He even told her she looked like a princess.
 I had to add this picture of T.  I thought it was so pretty. 
Then this one of grand daughter was to cute to not add. 
She still has to get her present for DIL.  I know what it is and she is going to love it.  

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