Friday, October 28, 2011

My day and it is only 9:30

Still battling the ear thing, but it IS better.   Thank You Jesus!

I got one cup of coffee.  Kids took the rest before I got a second cup.  

Kids yet again waited until MN said chore time to get ready for chores.  This is getting old.  I brought it up to them.   God really gave me a good analogy.  I pointed out that satan really doesn't want them to learn to think.  His goal is for them to be followers and do what they are told without thought or question.  Then when another Hitler comes along they will follow his orders and do what ever without ever giving it a thought.   They have all watched them move, 180. If you haven't watched this youtube video take the 30 minutes to watch it.  It is life changing.  

As I am in the middle of this discussion, the dogs start to bark.   I send MN to see.   She rushes back with the news.  Pepper and Yeller have a skunk under the pool deck.   Joy!   So discussion is canceled.  As I head to my room I tell them I'm done for now.   

Here is your mental picture for today.  Me all decked out in my bright pink with orange flowers night gown, socks and crocs.  Topped off with my blue shooters ear muffs.   Gun in hand out the door I go with two girls hot on my heels.  One very upset skunk, two stinky dogs.  Yeller has called it quits.  MN said he was foaming at the mouth when she first saw him.  By now he is just muddy from rolling around in the dirt trying to get the skunk spray off and out of his mouth.   Pepper hasn't given up, just barking from about 1-2 away. 

Next order of business was to figure out how to shoot him.  I finally decided that the only safe shot was off the pool deck.  Ever try to shoot straight down?  It sounds easy.  I missed!   More than once.  Then the skunk moved back where I couldn't get a shot.  So we are chunking rocks under there to get him out.  Finally I look up and I have 2 girls helping.  Dogs went poof when I went bang.  Boys?    I have no clue!

Finally skunk makes a wrong move and heads toward the house.  This is away from the pool.  Girls get on porch, and I have a clear safe shot with nothing in the line of fire.  I hit him the first time at this angle.  One more shot to make sure he is done for and I am done. 

I come back in the house to find boys right where I had left them.  Seems they missed the memo about me being done.  

Just think this was all before 9 AM!  I may find more interesting things to post about later.

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