Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Work

This weekend was the weekend my son and dil have been saving for.   The weekend they re-side their trailer!  

Mom suggested checking out our stored windows from when we remodeled.  
 They found some to enlarge the bedroom windows into windows that suit me!   I think they suit my DIL also as she likes large windows.  

Next they started taking siding off.  I didn't get before pictures.  I think DIL will have some on her bog when she slows down enough to post.  
 This is a before pictures of the front half.   The part with the siding removed looked about the same.  
 They worked in sections.  This is half of the front ready for tar paper. 
 Their best worker!   He was busy driving a nail in a board. 
 Tar paper up on half the front side!

They did get all the siding up on this side yesterday and it primed and ready to paint.  Dil and MN were the chief painters.  

Here is proof that DIL worked!

See the primer on the bottom of her belly?  

This is my favorite picture. 

While others worked over there I kept littles and cooked.  We cooked BBQ brisket (2) for lunch yesterday, along with beans and potato salad.  MN made brownies.   That was what we had for two meals. 

This morning we started off with eggs and the makings for burritos, potato, cheese, egg, onion, mushroom......  

Lunch rolled around and we had grilled chicken breast, beans, potato salad, salad, hot sauce, guacamole, and French bread (bought).   

I just took two peach crisp out of the oven for break time if they ever break.  

Supper will be spaghetti and salad. 

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~Tammy~ said...

Thank you SO much for this post and pictures! I was telling Becky I needed to see a big belly picture. I am glad they are getting the place fixed up at last. Loved the shot of the belly and of Ty'ger driving nails.