Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend Blog

Yesterday was one of those treasured stay at home days where things were productive without mom being the motivator. 
I missed the picture of T helping me make mano.  She did the drip drip drip of oil into the eggs and it turned out awesome! 

She also started a quilt.  She wanted to make it for grand daughters birthday.  She is using the left over flannel from my quilt as her top and a piece of cotton fabric with bears for the back.  Here is she cutting quilt squares.

David has become a wonderful bread maker.  He did good on his bread last week.  This week he discovered that double grinding makes the bread even better.   He is grinding in this picture. 

Since MJ wants to reap the benefit of bread he has to help make it.   He is greasing the pans.  The reason it looks so orange is that he is using red palm oil to grease it.   I would have got pictures of the bread after it was done but forgot and the ate a whole loaf for a snack.

This afternoon we cleaned up the dump.  All the trash that came off of ds's house was filling up the dump.  With the rain and the field on the north side of the dump dh decided to burn it.   Burn ban has been lifted.  That was evident this morning as we went to the flea market you saw smoke columns everywhere.  

Here are our fire starters!

Success!   Dump will be ready for an other few years of collection!

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