Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Water Pictures

We stayed home from church this morning to check water gaps, (we only have 1) and just generally play and enjoy MUD and WATER.  

Girls getting ready to go out, such a fashion statment!

Road to the back cornor was blocked, but we could get close enough to check the gap and it will need a little TLC, but will keep critters in for now. 

This is the house pond, see T and the dirt pile at the top?   I am on the far end.

On to the middle pond.  Grandkids and mommy were checking it out. 

This is same pond from the back side.  It is level full and that makes it 20+ feet deep.

Helpful big brother was hanging on to little sister so she wouldn't fall as she tossed a stick in. 

This was her stick!

So much for dogs and donkeys not getting along.

When I got back from my walk kids were playing in the edge of the pond.  Tunia was all the help.

See her nose, there had been toes wiggling above the water just before I took the pictue.

There should be one of D12 but it wouldn't load.   MJ decided to get in on the fun after I came in.  MN decided to void the fun today but was plenty muddy yesterday.... and the day isn't over yet! 

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