Saturday, October 22, 2011


This is one of those note to self.  Do not order produce when you are battling a cold and feel yucky and can't think straight.  You may come out with more or different things than you want.   I wanted 5 lbs of pumpkin to make pies and such for Thanksgiving.  Yes, I am starting to cook and plan ahead for Thanksgiving.   Instead of 5 lbs I got 5 LARGE pumpkins.   One pumpkin would have been enough.  

Yesterday we cooked the first pumpkin.  I peeled it this morning and MN made pumpkin pie filling or pumpkin pudding, what ever you want to call it.   I made a carrot  pumpkin cake. I used my carrot cake recipe.  

I had been wise and remembered to preheat the oven.  When I went to put the cake in the oven it wasn't hot.  Panic!   I called my dh and told him.  He was working on the road.   Sent MN to retrieve him off the skid steerer.   While she was gone I discovered that the 2 larger roasters I was cooking in were off too.   Then I knew what the issue was.   I had managed to put all three on the same circuit.  I threw a breaker.  

I had one roaster cooking brisket, and one more pumpkin.  I would have never dreamed the two places I had them plugged in were also on the same breaker as the stove controls.   After rearranging roasters to different rooms and circuits we were in business.  

We have 1 pumpkin cake and 2 pumpkin custards or what ever.   My bunch does like pumpkin pie stuff so it won't be a problem getting rid of them. 

The pumpkin in the roaster will be peeled and vita-mixed and put into zip-locks for Thanksgiving or what ever.  Some one mentioned pumpkin stew, so that may be the use of another pumpkin.   Maybe church tomorrow.   Haven't planned that far in advance.

Now to figure out how to use about 5 lbs of jalapenos and 4 bags of romaine lettuces.   Seems like there was something else that came in that I was like ?????    I ordered winter squash.  Usually if I order 4 kinds I might get one.  This time I got all 4!  So I have butternut, acorn, spaghetti, and >>>> I think one more.   Enough of each for a couple of meals.   I guess we will be eating good in the country!


Tasha said...

I've read not to use the big pumpkins for pies and such. Have you ever had a problem with the big ones? I bought 3 small pumpkins, but for the cost of 1 of them I could have gotten 1 large one. :-/
This will be my first time trying to make the pumpkin puree on my own, so I am a bit clueless as to what I'm really doing.

Nola said...

I always uses what I can find. I have learned that after halloween they are hard to find. I try to get them early.

Judging by the amount of the pie filling that has went poof there isn't anything wrong with the way the big pumpkins eat. I do have a vita mix so I can blend them very smooth.