Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Life around here is going.  Today I brought all my plants in off the porch.  This is a very sad time to me.  I hate the dullness of the porch.  This summer was so hot we didn't get to enjoy setting outside much.  Now that it is cool enough to enjoy it, my plants have to be downsized.

I gave my bougainvillea a super size hair cut this morning.  It was a jungle in it's self.   I hope some of my cuttings root.  I probably had the girls dip in root hormone and stick in pots about 100 cuttings.  Think every pot I have plants in that came in has all these little wooden sticks of various sizes sticking out of them. I only have 2 colors of pink and white in this pot.  The "pot" is about 1/3 of a 55 gallon plastic barrel.   I do want some apricot to add next spring.   I had one but the dogs un-potted it this summer.   We will see if any of the cuttings root.

I have been battling an ear ache since Sunday morning.  It just won't go away.   I have used all my ear ache tricks at least twice.  It goes from horrible pain back down to feeling like I have a super air tight ear plug in it.   This morning it wasn't as sore to the touch and didn't hurt just stopped up.  It won't break loose and pop.   It has made for a long week.  It is better and will be much better by tomorrow, when I have to go to town.

I wanted to brag on how super D9 was doing in school, but his super good was cheating.  :(  That is such a bummer.  I really know he just figured out the pass word this week.   So the cheating hasn't been going on long.  Mom's rule though is you have to retake all your test for the year.  He is doing pretty good at them.  Those he fails, he will have to redo that section.   He knew the rule when he made the choice to cheat.   Some times it is hard being tough.  I do know he needs tough and same rules.  He has a mind set if he is _____  you will change your mind and do what ever he wants.    Doesn't work that way here.   I also know it won't hurt him to review his school work that he didn't do as well on.   I really do have a built in allowance on time for this so they can do stuff where I extend the year to keep them from being overwhelmed with school.   I have 2 others that are stuck on dish duty since they can't pass their test.  I am seeing a lot more effort in school this week.  They may be getting tired of dishes.

MN is enjoying her Internet freedom.  It is highly monitored, but it is Internet.  She is reading up on donkey training.  She loves a challenge and lets face it a donkey will be a challenge.  

Other news, washing machine died.  It developed a leak.  Dh said he could get it fixed but bottom line is this machine has been fixed and fixed and fixed.  It sounds like an airplane landing when it spins, has a dasher missing, has had that a long time, but not as long as it sounds like an airplane.  So after some research on Sunday and Monday Dh decided to go with an Asko.  His company sells them.   They don't have them in stock.  They have to order it.  It should have been in today, but :)  you guessed it it didn't get here.  Maybe I will have a washing machine by Friday.  That will be a nice cold day to hang clothes on the line.   Yes, I do hang jeans and pants out every week, unless it is raining.  So maybe 1 time this year I had to dry pants. 

On the DIL front, still no baby!   She missed this Tue, maybe next Tue.  Both the other two she went into labor Tue afternoon right after her dh got his 18 wheeler out of pocket with a load of sheep and goats that have to be delivered.   With the first on he made it back before grand son arrived. Grand daughter was a bit more speedy and dh missed her delivery.  The joke is she will again go into labor when he makes the Hill Country run.  Her Due date is Nov. 4th. 

Found out some sad but not unexpected news about S.  She no longer is involved in her daughters life.  She is letting the daddy and his parents raise her.  I am very glad for the baby.  Every baby deserves to be loved and cared for.  My "source" said that daddy and grandparents are good parents and just glow when they show her off and talk about her.   S according to FB is engaged, but not it seems to the daddy of this child.   My, source who is S's former foster parent said that this relationship isn't healthy either that S is playing games with him.   She really needs prayer to understand she is worth and that God loves her.  Pray also for her to figure out how to grow up and be an adult.  I still have no regrets, just sad that she couldn't accept what we offered.   We tried!  I would still adopt a teen again.  I would just look at different red flags.   :) 

T is making a quilt for grand daughter. She finished the top today.  We will get some batting tomorrow and show her how to do that part.   I may go by a thrift store and just look for a blanket instead of batting since she is going to tie it not quilt it.  

Guess that is an update on my week.  Not much going on, but never dull either.  All have a blessed week.  Next week will be a better week.  

Oh and just saying, I'm ready for spring.   :)   Friday night we have freeze warnings.   I know about 90% of the rest of W. Texas is looking fwd to the "cool" (COLD) weather, but for me, I'm ready for spring.    

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