Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just Life

Not a lot going on other than mud, which is wonderful!  

I am thinking that we should start to see a hint of green across the dirt soon from the rain.   It doesn't take W. Texas long to green up when we get rain.  We ended up with about 5 inches of rain in our gauge.  This is more than most areas near us.  Thank You God for the blessing.  

Kids are enjoying the mud.  :)   They keep making mud balls and mud pies and just walking in the mud and all that kind of fun stuff.  

I have boys that are learning (the hard way) that not helping with chores at the barn is costly.  They have lost all food that is made from stuff from the barn.  Not that it has to come from the barn, but even if we buy it.   They have been on a milk, cheese, butter, beef fast for a week now.  When will they get it back?   When they find a servants heart.   Translated, then they do what needs doing without being begged, threatened or otherwise made do it.  They may need to think of going vegatairan.

Then I have the two that want so bad to play they see no reason to read lessons or study for quizzes and test.  They are stuck on permanent dish duty.   They have to be passing everything before they are released.   Seems others in the house like this plan.   The others seem to like the fact they don't have to wash dishes. 

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