Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nesting or De-Cluttering

OK my DIL is due any day.  Her due date is less than 2 weeks away.  Maybe I am nesting for her.  :)  I am again battling my pantry.   I took some major steps. 

I had a set of china that was my aunts that we were given as a wedding present 30+ years ago.  It has been used ...... ZERO times!   I am not a china person, always afraid of breaking it.  My oldest son did break a cup when he was about 1 year old.  I offered it to my DIL.  Maybe because she is nesting she took it!  This morning she packed it all up.  Later today we will take the boxes to her house.  

I also had a set of stoneware.  Same story, wedding present.  We ask for camping stuff and got stoneware and china.   It also has been used ZERO times.   So being the fast thinker I am, if one DIL took the china it is only fair to offer the stoneware to the other one.   She also said YES!!!  I boxed it up for her.  It will go in her car next time I see her or I will deliver it to her tomorrow if I keep the kiddo tomorrow.  

That leaves that area with a few odds and ends.   Will offer some of them to kids and the rest will get donated.

All this stuff was in a built in cabinet with glass doors in my pantry.   I need that cabinet GONE so I can move a shelf down so I can make a door from the pantry into the bat cave.  This will be the kids family closet/changing room.  Freeing up that area of the pantry for ?????  I'm sure I will find something.   I usually do.  It will be a narrow room/closet/bathroom if DH gets it put in.  That isn't my problem. 

My DH is SO (sarcasm) excited about this project.   I cleaned the jars out of the bat cave way back in the spring with the hopes of this happening.  I didn't keep the focus on this project so it didn't happen.   I really want it done so I am doing it.  DH knows me well enough to know that it will happen.   He usually likes to step in and do it "right" before I do it my way.   My track record is I ask and ask for something to be done then I do it.  Over the years he has learned when it is time to step in before instead of coming home to the wall being in the front yard or other such events.  

I will keep everyone posted on how it goes and who uses the saws-all.  

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