Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rain!!!! LOTS of rain! Praise God!!!!

DIL took all these pictures.   I just borrowed them.  
This afternoon we were blessed with LOTS of wonderful rain.  

The island you see is the mound of dirt that came from the pond.   The pond is on the right of the island between there and the donkey.

This is the driveway.  Going up the hill for those that know our house. 

Looking to the west of the house, in the "pool pen" part of the yard, water beyond the yard draining into the middle pond.

Unhappy cows.  Just look at the water in the field beyond them!!!  DH planted the field last night in wheat. 

Green house/garden area, standing in water, yea!!!

Another shot of the road in.  

So what do you do when it rains in W. Texas? You find any excuse you can to "work" in it. Our excuse was the path the water had to overflow the pond wasn't allowing enough water to escape and it was within less than a foot of going over the back of the pond.  We removed some trash that was plugging some of the escape route for the water.

After we did what we could then kids played....

Even the donkey played while we were out there.  

Grand daughter wanted so much to come play, I went and got her and brought her out to the edge and sit her down....
 She was unimpressed once her feet hit that cold wet!  
 She quickly wanted back in my arms, but didn't want us to go back in the yard. 
We have had more rain since we played.  With it raining right now.  This is such an answer to prayer.   It isn't a drought breaker, but it is a start in the right direction.  We have had about as much rain today as we have had year to date before today.   We doubled our rainfall total for the year in a few hours!!!!! 

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