Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rain Totals

Last night right before we went to bed I poured out 3.5 inches of rain from our rain gauge.  This morning it has another 1.5 inches in it.   I didn't bother pouring it out.  That is 5 amazing inches of rain in less than 24 hours!!!  It is still raining.   We have an 80% chance today.   

Chores are going to be interesting this morning.  We skipped putting out hay last night as it was pouring down rain.  It has to be done today if at all possible. 

I was amazed last night how deep the moisture had already soaked.   Ds was going to show they younger kids how dry it still was down a few inches, it wasn't!    I was like him, and didn't think it had soaked in that well since it came so hard and fast. 

It was wonderful sleeping with rain on a tin roof just outside my window all night.    Our house roof you don't hear the rain on the tin, but the porch doesn't have anything to mute the sound so it can be LOUD out there.   Last night it was just nice.  

I need to drag my protesting body out and sweat it this morning since I skipped the last two mornings.   It will be nice walking in the rain.  I can listen to it and enjoy the sound of it and stay dry and not muddy on my treadmill on the porch.   Down side is my shoes that I walk in might be wet and I am sure COLD since I played in the rain yesterday with them on.  My other walking type shoes I never use anymore and know one pair is in the bus, not sure where the other pair is.   Oh well wet cold five finger knock off's it will be I guess.   I do like them!   Maybe I need to invest in another pair. 

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