Thursday, December 3, 2009

Adoption update....

From the Case Worker:
"I'm going over the picture book with them today, I plan on being there at 2:30
this afternoon. Can I get your phone number again please. We are moving offices
and all my paperwork is in boxes right now. I will see if the boys are
comfortable to talk to you on the phone while I'm there, if not then I will have
Brenda call you tonight so you can talk to them. They will go the therapy again
next Thursday at 11 and they will probably call you with him as well. Once we
introduce the children to your family today then you are able to call them or
them call you anytime. Have you and your husband thought about a time to come to Lubbock? I sent him an email yesterday and told him that we will need at least
two different day trips if that's what you are able to do. If ya'll can stay a
night then we will only have to do that once. I'm still planning on moving them
probably the 20th. I'll keep you updated and talk to you soon

The "book" is the picture book of our life and family we made for them. We have 24 pages of pictures, not one picture to a page, but 4-6 with notes about what they are seeing. Kids loved doing it and looking at it. I had to keep going and getting it where they wondered off with it before we got it mailed.

My SIL and BIL sent me this link. I just loved it. While it is about teachers it so muchly is how I feel and think about my kids. . I hope it touches you also.

Please keep the boys in prayer today as they learn they are moving. I know this will be very hard on them. The foster family has had them since they came into care. They do know they were not a forever family, but the will still struggle with the loss of a family. I have talked to the foster mom and we will be allowing the boys to stay in touch and know they didn't just disappear, but for now their pain is very real.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Praying for you new sons, Nola. And for the rest of the family as you prepare to make another big transition. God bless.