Sunday, December 6, 2009

Life is Never Dull....

Today is T's birthday. She ask for a cherry cheese cake. That seems to be the pick around here. It is SOOOOOOO easy! I love making it. Buy two big boxes of instant pudding, vanilla or lemon or vanilla. Make a big batch of cream cheese, or go buy 2 packages. We make ours :). Cream the cream cheese with about as much milk as it calls to make pie filling on the package. I never measure, just add. Once your cream cheese is mixed well dump your pudding mix in. Mix it and pour it into a graham cracker crust 9x11 baking pan. Chill it for a bit if you have time. Then top with one or two cans of cherry pie filling. Chill some more or serve. If you have ever had the Cherry-O-Cream Cheese pie off the eagle brand milk you have an idea of what this taste like. I like it better with one vanilla and one lemon pudding mix.

If you are really lazy or if your child thinks doing the cherries is a treat let them top it. It is a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun watching her. She really did top the cake before she cleaned the cans. I think the cans were REALLY clean when she was done.

Final product! Before we attack er eat it!

In other news around this zoo............ Nosey, one of my milk cows calved today. It's a girl! She is a beautiful silvery color. As we were checking her out I discovered I had three lambs on the ground. :) I had been kinda of worried with the big puppies if they would respect mamas or not. Seems they are. On the way back I found this......
What you are looking at is a very tiny, yes that is a dishpan, baby goat. Mama was way way to young and had zero milk. She was standing there like now what? I didn't even bother messing with her. I have serious doubts if this baby will live. It is to tiny and preemie. I did get a little colostrum down it and allowed Rosie (dog) to wash it clean. It can hold it's head up and it can bleat some.
Life just keeps getting more interesting and interesting as I try to make life simple for some poor soul next weekend. Now I have TWO cows that HAVE to be milked, 5 easy to feed babies and this one! This one will either be up and going through 4x4 wire or dead.