Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Great Day

Snap shots of our day in no real order.... or if any order backwards from the happenings of the day.

Playing patty-cake with grandad!

Today B turned 8! We had cake and presents for him. He and Tiger were admiring presents.

Great gift wrapping! I hate to wrap. This is a plastic sack with gifts stuck in it. B didn't seem to notice.

After supper and before cake dishes had to be washed and put away. Many hands make light work.

Earlier in the day DIL was playing with K and I took these pictures..

Kids all meshed like old friends. This is less than an hour after boys arrived.

MN showing "her little helper" her scare goat. For those that don't know a scare goat goes stiff and falls over like it just died when startled. It is loads of fun. Her brother gave it to her for helping him.

MN tends to be camera shy too. She was in deep concentration I focused called her name and snapped. :)


MN and B checking out the baby goats.

MN is in heaven! B is her shadow. He is busy helping and just following her around outside.

The day went great! A little snipping about bed time. No fights before they were tired and up past their old bedtime. Nothing that isn't an every day occurrence around here. I think with the added kids to play with it helps B & T not snip as much as they did last weekend.
Today is a new day!
I did get a few chuckles. B is "allergic" to milk. OK, no biggy, but this child eats cheese, ice cream, and yogurt. He was telling me he was "allergic". TD said he didn't know if he would be allergic to fresh milk. We talked about what all B does eat/drink that is milk. I told them what the case file said. I also told them it would be B's decision when or if he wanted to try milk. He then wanted milk! So they both tried the cows milk. Surprise, it taste like milk! :) I think B had one glass at supper and T had two.
TD said he doesn't like taking his meds. I agreed I didn't either and told him in time we would work at getting him off of them. I pray each time I give them that they aren't needed. Everyone else here is also standing in agreement. TD takes I think it is three, and B takes 5! Three times a day I am handing out pills.
S is enjoying her vacation, very upbeat and just waiting on her birthday and a ride to AR. Not missing us at all. We keep praying.


becky.onelittle said...

I'm so happy for you all- that sounds like a wonderful day! God is truly blessing your family.

Ruth said...

Your new kiddos are there!!! Yea and congrats and a very Merry Christmas to you all!'