Friday, December 4, 2009


We did get to talk with the boys last night. T is starting to warm up to the idea. He has looked at the picture book a LOT. He ask if he would get to use a computer. I told him he will do school on a computer. He thought that was cool. B was the chatter. He wanted to meet us today. I told him to get Miss B to circle the 12th on the calender and that is when we would meet. B was impressed when he ask how many Lego's MJ has and I replied a big box. Kids loved his commit, "AWESOME". Kids were all tongue tied in not knowing what to ask. I suggested they make a list to ask tonight.

I do know this week will go fast. We ask the case worker if the weekend went well we could just bring them home. She said no she has to "place" them. Does that mean she will drive them down? I hope! Organizing this zoo for someone else to deal with this time of year is tough.

Thanks to all who are praying. I know that is what will make this move for them and us do-able. Dh and I were talking about how hard it has to be on the boys. Please continue to lift them up as they have so much to adjust too.

I may have one more calf on the ground by then, which means one more cow that really HAS to be milked twice a day for a bit. With the cold we may can get away with once a day. But being milk cows they produce much more milk than the baby can drink at the start.

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