Monday, December 21, 2009

Gotcha Day and........

Today the boys come! I am excited and nervous. Kids are excited and having bad behaviours so things are about normal around here :)

Last night we came home to this:

Yes, she's a girl!!! We named her December.

She IS tiny!

I just liked this picture of Grizzle. He isn't finished growing yet.
No real news on the S front. We are still praying. She is still planning to go back to AR in 3 weeks. My friends have noticed how immature she is. Their assessment is she can't survive on her on. That is pretty much ours too. You can't get her to see reality. She has it in her head all is going to fall into place to live happy ever after. All she as to do is show up to have the life she wants. Please keep praying!

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