Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Morning

Full Hotel suite! All as went pretty well. B and TD are awake. I think TD woke up and then woke B. :) We had a great day yesterday. We met at McD. Then went to the Science Spectrum. It is a really neat place. LOTS of hands on things to do. Then a movie at the Omni. I loved the movie. Dh loved the nap. Not sure what B and TD thought of the movie. They seemed to like it. Other kids liked it.

Over all the take on the boys is they are "sweet". I think they ARE sweet. B is very much the baby and plays it . TD has such a sad face. He is warming to us on the surface, but lots of deep eye sadness. Please pray. I know we can heal that with the power of God. Their speech is terrible. It dawned on me this morning almost a cartoon speech. Fast and hard to understand. B calls MJ his "buddy". He decided that before he ever met him. :) This is good for MJ and will (I hope) help him rise to being more responsible.

I am chanting lower the volume as they all play with the army guys in the floor. Every keep 3 boys and 2 on low volume when they first wake up? It isn't easy!

Today is suppose to be warmer. I hope we can go play in a park. I don't know what time we will get away to go home.

The case worker is planning on placing them the 21st which is B. birthday. I just ask him what he wants for his birthday. He wanted a hot wheels cake. Er not happening. So he settled for chocolate.

The boys liked their blankets. They slept with them last night. B is setting holding his. I did laugh as B talks a LOT about Tonka trucks. His is Tonka dump trucks. God is so good!

Most of the crowd is dressed and ready for breakfast. I guess I better get motivated and follow. Everyone have a blessed day.

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