Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On a up note.........

Fun from this weekend!

Their were LOTS of ponds full of geese. MN who loves geese kept wishing we had brought the trailer. :) I can just see her herding wild Canadian geese into the trailer. We laughed about it.

We stopped and saw a prairie dog field. They are such fun critters!

More pictures of kids playing. Don't go by color of jackets to tell who is who. B got cold and Tj was hot so he is wearing her jacket in some of these.

Sand castles in the park.....

We talked to the boys last night. They both said they were excited to be coming to live with us. I am glad. Prayers are working. Foster mom said they didn't have issues after we dropped them off or at school yesterday. That is good. So often kids act out after a visit.
Today I am working on our family closet for all the kids. Rearranging and getting it set up.
Kids are busy doing school and chores so they can help with getting ready for B&T. They are very excited. We talked about teaming chores next week to teach them how. I will team MJ and TD. MN and B will be the other team. I even talked about teaching the to do it correctly not like they do chores part of the time. :) Life is good! We are blessed! Thanks for all the prayers!

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