Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Day....

It IS Tue. isn't it? It has been a busy day. I was gifted with a really cool gift today. Anyone that has a 17 yo, a CHATTER box will understand the gift. She was mad at me so I got the silent treatment most of the day. I was deeply hurt! .......... NOT! Why, you ask was she mad? Well mom's new chant is, "In my opinion that's a lie." EVERY time in my opinion it IS a lie. She seems to find that uncomfortable. Hey, if she doesn't like it, then don't lie! Simple solution right?

Other things I accomplished today. I layed out tied blankets for the boys, pinned them and cut them. MJ and T did the tying as they were done with school. MJ did most of the tieing. I was so pleased at how they turned out. Here is B's.
He likes trucks.
For T's I was really struggling. I had prayed about it and ask God to show me what to get. I found this and had no idea if he would like it or not.
The night after I bought it when we were talking T said he liked cats. I think he will like this don't you?
Lets see I also had a visitor on my porch:
She was standing at the front door when I grabbed the camera, but wondered off as I was getting out the door. This is Hershey. I had stuck her in the yard to see if she would eat some grass that needed trimming. She was more like a big dog than a cow as you can see.
Dh took down some cabinets over the weekend in the laundry room/pantry. I then had room to put full wall shelves up instead of under cabinet ones. I set those up and moved stuff around. The shelves are not quite as good in I can't put two full size produce crates on them, but they are sturdy and 5 shelves high.
I dropped off molasses tubs for the stock and got this picture of Baby's calf.
I checked stock and discovered that my billy goat was back side down in the cotton seed. I have my doubts he will live. I am guessing they got to fighting or he got bumped by a cow and ended up with his feet higher than his back, yesterday or the day before. I really thought he was dead. I went to drag him out of the cotton seed and discovered he wasn't. He was WAY to heavy for me to load in the ranger. I studied about it a minute. I planned on stirring the cotton seed anyway. So I just went and got the bobcat. Stirred the cotton seed then loaded him in the bucket. Delivered him to the barn. :) Hey you do what you have to do! It worked!
Seems like I did other stuff to, besides trying to keep kids on track with school. Some days that is a full time job.
Continue to pray for B and T as they are adjusting to this idea. T is doing better! He hasn't thrown up since yesterday. Both boys are excited about getting to meet us this weekend.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

LOVE your visitor. LOL

Great blankets....