Friday, September 4, 2009

Cure for Lying?

Kids that have been abused come into your home master liers. It is part of surviving in the situation they were in. It is also the LAST thing they turn loose of. Of my 4 I have one that speaks truth 99% of the time, or with in the "normal" area of kid behavior. I have 2 that are over the top but not totally so. Then I have one that will tell you what ever she thinks you want to hear to "fit it". This behavior drives MN nuts. It has probably been the biggest stumbling block to them having a good relationship.

A couple of days ago S came in the house. They were doing chores. She was livid! "MOM, tell MN to stop calling me satan." Hummm think their might be more to this story than the side I am hearing? I pointed that out, went right on playing with grandson and waited while she spitted and sputtered and stomped around. Once MN came in I sat both of them on the swing. Seems S had told one of her really stupid lies. The day before she had said she liked milking one goat, didn't another. That day she had switched goats she liked goat A and didn't like goat B now, just the opposite of the day before. Instead of arguing MN just looked at her and said, "In the name of Jesus, satan leave the barn.!" Seems she might have said this enough times to drive S from the barn.

MN looked at me and told me, "I wasn't telling S to leave, just satan." So I then ask S about it. Did she lie to MN? "Yes." ah, so since you were lying and satan is the father of lies, was MN within her right to tell satan to leave? S did not like it! MN had a perfect solution. I had to agree. If she doesn't want MN to tell satan to leave while looking at her, then, "DON'T LIE" How much more simple can it get?

Yesterday morning it happened again. This time the "lie" was directed at me. Again at the barn. S assured me she was "going to help" with chores. Her actions spoke something totally different. She was standing and talking while the other girls were milking their goats and I had gotten my cow feed and had the calf on to nurse. From under a goat across the barn again I heard, "I the name of Jesus, satan leave this barn!" Oh S was totally bent out of shape. All I could do was point out her actions spoke volumes and she was lying since her actions said she wasn't helping and her words said she was going to. If she had been "going to" she would have gotten the feed and such since she beat the other two out there. Instead she went with me to find my cow and then stood and watched as I got her started while she could see the others were milking. She stormed out of the barn to the house. In a few minutes she returned with a jar to milk into. :)

On another note MJ is at least giving lip service to his choices and consequences. He owned it with the therapist yesterday. He is talking about choices and how he doesn't want to have the life his bio family had, yet that is where his choices are leading. Today we were talking about what type environment he wants to raise his children in? He agreed not like the one he had for 8 years. Then we talked about what is required to have a "good" life. As he looks around at the people he wants to be like what are their responsibility? How will he handle those things? What changes does he need to do now so that he will be a Godly man raising Godly children? We will see. He will be setting until Sunday. Then he will get to participate in a discussion with dad and I on what he wants.

We have all been battling a stomach bug/headache around here. At this point grandson has it a tad, potty training has been suspended for now. He is a bit fussy, but just explosive so mommy says. We are pushing liquids and praying healing over him. I would ask for prayers for his daddy as he is on the road in the truck and has been battling a terrible headache since night before last and started with a fever last night. He has two plus FULL days more on the road before he will be home. Join us in standing in agreement that this "bug" will leave him now in the name of Jesus! His head will no longer hurt and he will be fever free, with restored energy and clarity. Thanks all for praying with us and thank you God for being a God that heals!

I am off to get stuff accomplished! Kids all have test I have to oversee and I need to make a trip to town for vacation stuff. Not sure if it will happen today, or my list will grow for a few more days.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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