Friday, September 18, 2009

White Sands

Today we got a lazy start. I really wish the rest of the crowd would be into moving faster. I am ready to stop long before they are since I start long before they do. I also do morning much better than afternoons.

We drove to the top of the mountain. Then we drove down the other side. You drop over 4000 feet in less than 15 miles. You go from pines to very VERY desert conditions. Usually the temperatures go up as you go down. Today it wasn't bad.
We made it out to White Sands about 11:30 and it was 69 degrees. That is amazing! They have had LOTS of rain. The area you drive in had large water puddles that looked like shallow lakes. The sand it's self was wonderful to walk on. If you walked careful you didn't break through, it was like walking in the wet sand at the beach instead of the dry. Kids had a blast sliding. I didn't take many pictures. The sun was so bright that I couldn't see using my LED on my camera to take pictures.
Want to guess who this is?
Yep DH! I didn't get my picture taken :) I did it TWICE!
This is the kids playing. I am on a taller dune taking pictures.
It is hard to imagine all that sand!

After we played a while we went back to town ate lunch and went to the Space Museum. We checked out the outside stuff then went down to the IMAX and watched a movie on Sharks. Kids loved it. It was ok.

After that we drove back up the hill/mountain to Cloudcroft in the rain. It had rained so hard in place that the water was running across the road. We drove around some and came back to camp. It is after 8 TX time and everyone is already quite. They are drawing and coloring as we wind down. I don't think bed is far off for any of us.

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Julie said...

nice sliding Doug, we loved white sands. Have fun!!!