Thursday, September 17, 2009

Morphy Lake

I don't think I like counting the days! Makes me know soon this fun time will be over. It started sprinkling on the camper before the rest of the world woke up. We fixed breakfast and watched the temps hover around 50. It looked like it was raining all over the world.

This is the view out the camper door!

We decided to go to Vegas and get some stuff we needed and see what the weather was out of the mountains. DH could also check the weather on his phone. The rain stopped before we got to Vegas. Still clouds and cool but warmer. Kids and I hit Wal-mart while Dh played with his phone. His assessment was raining everywhere we wanted to be! With a 70% chance in Mora all day. So we did some looking in the Vegas area then rechecked the weather.

We decided maybe the weather had moved off from Morphy Lake, but raspberries were probably still getting wet. So we headed there. It misted on us a few times as we drove there.

We got there and it was heavy clouds with a few claps of thunder off in the distance. We had a late lunch and I grabbed my camera while they grabbed poles and off they went to bother the fish. I walked all the way around the lake taking pictures.

See Chipmunks can't read!

One of the neatest things was a pair of large birds of prey fishing. I don't know what kind they were. They would dive into the water with a huge splash.

Can anyone identify this bird?

DH said he saw one come up with a fish, which is better than DH and the kids did fishing. After my walk around the lake I grabbed a cracker and sat down. Sure enough in a little bit I had a beggar coming closer. I tossed a few crumbs out and closer still. S saw what I was doing and got some crackers too. We both fed them out of our hand.

I think that was a first for her. This is her hand in the picture. We only had two beggars right where we were. They were scattered all around the lake though.

DH decided it was time to head back to camp. Something about the fish not biting I think.
We came back to camp. S and I stayed in camp while the others went up to the ponds and fished until dark. They caught 4 fish. T caught the biggest one. We had a supper of leftovers, ran kids through the shower and headed to bed.

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