Friday, September 11, 2009

Interesting Encounter

Yesterday MN had a very interesting encounter at Walmart. Let me give you the background on why it was interesting.

She has been struggling with the fact her bio's didn't love her. If they didn't love her how can an adoptive mom and dad love her? They were suppose to love her! They didn't so how can anyone else love her the way they should have? I isn't fair. She wants them to love her, but they never will! As you can see this is a very painful tail chasing that doesn't have an answer that makes since to even an adult, much less an 11 yo. She had been crying and acting up, and getting called for bad attitude night before last.

Yesterday we were leaving wal-mart. We always use the garden center. As we were leaving I was pushing the basket ahead of my chicks. They were scattered behind me. I went down the slope for the basket. There was an old stooped man coming up. I nodded and kept going. I glanced back to see MN take his arm and steady him and help him up the slope at the curb. I smiled to myself and thanked God for children that can show older people they aren't all wild and crazy. It took her longer than I expected but I went on to the car keeping an eye on them.

She came to the car and said, "Mommy that man gave me a message." ???? OK what? "He said, "Your mom and dad love you very much." She went on to explain that he looked like he was about to fall is why she took his arm and helped him up the incline. As they were going up he stopped and looked directly in her eyes and told her that. This was about half way up the incline. Then she helped him the rest of the way to the garden center and came back to us. She said, "He didn't know you or me or our family, yet he told me exactly what I was struggling with."

We all agree she had an encounter with an angel. She said she felt funny when he said that sorta shaky in side and just, Wow! It left all of us feeling touched. I pray it helps her deal with the fact that we do love her.

Oh and her idea of "love" isn't the warm fuzzies. I ask her yesterday after this happened. She said to be loved is to not be abandoned or left. To be taken care of. Basically to have her basic needs met.

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