Thursday, September 17, 2009

Internet again!

After three days without again I have service. I did miss blogging, but it was worth it to stay where we did. I cheated and blogged each day on Open Office to copy and past. Today I will upload pictures both to blogger and to the shutterfly pages and post.

Today we are in Cloudcroft, and it is living up to the CLOUD part of it's name. We have had a very cool drive down from Las Vegas. It is in the low 50s with hail in piles further up the mountain. We know it is hail because we ask. No pictures to post today. Not much to post when you have been in such beauty and drive across flat lands most of the day. We did see lots of antelope though.

Here is my first day away from the net.

Day Four
Today we drove from the Santa Fe area to my favorite place, North of Las Vegas. We are staying between Angel Fire and Mora on Coyote Creek in a very simple RV park. We are the only campers. There are spaces for about 10 total.
Once camp was set up we decided to go see if the fish hatchery was open. It closed at 3, we go there a little after and the gate was still open, no sign saying closed. So we drove up. We got to take the tour. They only raise Gila Trout there. They are a trout that have been on the endangered specie list for over 30 years, but were removed 2 years ago and are listed as what ever is below endangered. The funny thing is these trout don't even inhabit the streams in this area! They are found in Southwestern NM and Arizona. I guess no one is surprised to know this is a NATIONAL fish hatchery?

After that we drove on over to see if the raspberries were ready to pick. They are open Tuesday through Thursday and Weekends. So picking them will be on the list later this week.
After that we drove toward Ft. Union. We were hoping to see some wildlife. We were blessed in all we saw. We saw a coyote. Then we saw a HUGE herd of buffalo. We didn't count or take pictures of them on the way over, but did on the way back. MJ counted them for me He counted over 100 head!

Notice the funny looking spot on this Buffalo's front leg? Took me forever to realize it is a bird flying in front of him.

A few miles after we saw the buffalo we found a herd of elk at a water hole.

I managed to grab a few shots of them as they took off. On we went toward Ft. Union. We saw antelope on the road between Watrus and Ft. Union. The fort was closed, but we got to drive to the gate. We had friends that use to live next door to the fort. It is their fault that I fell in love with this area. As we drove back we stopped and took pictures of the buffalo. Then found another even larger, and closer herd of elk to photograph.

As we came up the home stretch to home we found this wonderful rainbow.

We got to look at it for miles as we came up the canyon to the camp.

We came back to camp to a light shower. It is 7:00 here and dark. Sleeping is going to be great! The temps are already down around 50, with rain drops sprinkling on the roof. We have the LAST of Miss Ruth's lasagna heating in the oven. It is time for her to come back to TX! We miss her and her good cooking!

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