Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Funnies...........

OK for more of these happy grandson pictures check out my DIL's blog. I was busy cooking breakfast so she got to post them first!

Grandson was helping me make biscuits. He LOVES raw bread dough of any kind, yeast or biscuit. He had been begging for bites. He had several. I had told him to stay out of my bowl. Again he proceeded to help himself. I thumped him on the arm about as hard as you would thump a sore spot. More like touched him and said. "No!" He froze then started to pucker. Other kids started to laugh. I grabbed the camera. We got several pictures as he held his pose for us. All the while everyone laughing and then mommy and I giving that stuck out lip a kiss.

He did get happy. I did offer him more bread dough. He refused to say thank you. Just gave me a look that made the memories of about 20 years ago come flooding back. I promptly tossed his dough back on the board and it went in the next biscuits. He didn't get offered any more. He did get happy with me shortly and I held him as we stirred the gravy and turned sausage for breakfast.

Now for the other funny of the morning....... and it is only 10 AM!

We have strange cows and I never have a camera when I need one outside! This morning Blossom, (cow) and Grizzle (dog) were exchanging slobbers. They were licking each others tongue. Both seemed to enjoy it. I just shook my head. Then as MN was trying to shoo cows out a goat ran up under Hershey and proceeded to nurse. Cow just stood there.


Kaylene said...

Hey Nola,
Not sure if you remember me... We used to live in SA (my parents are Ken & Marcy) :)

I ran across your DIL's blog yesterday, and realized some of the people she was linked to are people we used to know!

Blogging sure makes the world feel a lot smaller... :)

I've really enjoyed reading about your kids and your encouraging tidbits!

Kaylene B.

Anonymous said...

Never saw anything about MJ's birthday. Did you just forget it it to punish him?
Uncle Tic

Anonymous said...

Do you ever read comments? And respond?
That's two questions in case you didn't understand.
Uncle Tic