Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday again? Already!

I guess the statement "Time flies when you are having fun is true." My life is truly blessed so it must be fun! Time for sure is going WAY to fast! I can't believe it is Monday again.

Today is laundry day. I have my second load on and it isn't even 7 am! I cheated and started last night. Today I get grandson. :)

I offered to keep other grandson while mommy gets baby stuff ready. Maybe I will have both of them! DIL's due date is the 15 of Oct. Grandson was born about 10 days early. Midwife says this one is good to go any time. We are specifically asking a couple of prayer request. One that she waits to go into labor until daddy gets home. He is making his last long run before the baby comes. He should be home on or before Wed. Second prayer request is that baby puts his/her arm down. Grandson was born with his little hand against his cheek. In the last midwife visit she said this baby has an arm up near the head. Mommy really would appreciate it if baby decides to put that arm down before delivering.

We are still having parties over here. Not near as many. It seems most days we start the day out with a party as MJ makes bad choices. Not doing chores, or school or what ever. Then once the pattern is established that we WILL party he stops the control or games or what ever and becomes the young man I enjoy being around. First day we partied 3 times. After that we only did it once. Third day of partying I fixed him a bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup even. I handed it to him and told him how much we all thank HIM for his choices. Girls were asking if he would make more bad choices about supper time so they could have ice cream for supper too. We ate our ice cream without syrup while he kept setting and stirring his and looking at it. Finally he ask what he was suppose to do with it. I replied, "Eat it! You earned it!" He ate it and quickly did his chores, which he hadn't been doing before that "Earned" him ice cream. What I am seeing is he is more engaged with the girls and with me even since I have started this. Less standing on the sidelines watching and more participating in what ever. Even if it is "Work!". He is even playing better with T. They played over the weekend for HOURS without getting cross.

MN and S have been challenging me on school. MN was allowed to go work with her brother on Friday without having her school done. He called to late Thursday night for her to do it. But, she didn't apply herself Sat. to do it. So Sunday she was told she couldn't work for him until all school was done with passing grades. About an hour later her brother called wanting to know if she could help today. I passed the phone to her. She explained she had been goofing off and not getting school done. She would see if she could get it all done before DIL brings grandson today. She didn't sound very positive or excited. He figured she wasn't even going to try. But, she went out there finished her Bible lessons that she was redoing for the THIRD time, since she had failed the Bible Test twice. Then ask to take the test. She made a A on it. So all she lacked was today's school. She is up and working on it. I have a feeling she is going to go work goats today. She is after her brother to give her all his sick goats. She would dr. them and care for them and sell them back to him. Hummmm sounds like ............ HIM! Well she didn't get it done. I even waited for her to finish since her brother ask me too. Made me late picking up grandson at the hwy. She failed a lesson. Oh well so sad, guess she should have applied herself on Sat.

S on the other hand has LOTS of school to do. Since she kept having me regenerate dates when she failed a test. This is her final week of this semester. Mean mom is holding her to passing grades and her choices on having LOTS of school work. Over all she is doing good with it. She says next semester she isn't going to regenerate dates if she fails something.

When we got home from vacation S had a box from AR. I didn't get it opened and checked until about Tue. It was ALL her grandmothers jewelry. I knew she was to get "some" but this was more than a shoe box of little boxes of old lady jewelry. Think boot box. I "suggested" that she not take all the chains out of the boxes they would tangle. Just look at one box at at time. Did she listen? of course not! Chore time came and she and T had chains draped all over the couch. I was less than happy. Then that night after lights out I could here 'rats' upstairs bumping around. I called her on it. She was "putting" it up. Night before last more "RATS" this time I didn't bother calling her on it. DAD called her on it next morning. Seems she kept turning the light on to do something in the box of jewelry, even woke MJ up to borrow his pliers. So the box of jewelry is now down stairs in my possession. She sulked over that a bit. It really is a waste of her energy to sulk. No one cares or buys into it. What I find interesting is she has made no effort to write her aunt a thank you note or call. This is so unlike S. Usually she wants to call as soon as possible and has a LONG letter ready to mail the next day. I have no clue what her thoughts are. I do know she has made several commits about "Thanks mom for not giving up on me." or "Now I have parents that want more for me." Even when she gets called down and fussed at harshly she soon regains her good spirits and usually thanks us for calling her hand on what ever she was doing. Lots of processing going on in her mind. I also think it interesting she is making no effort to get her drivers license. She doesn't even talk about it. She knows what she has to do. She has to READ THE BOOK! Then we will go fwd with helping her get them. She will tell you she isn't ready. I respect that and don't push it.

I think we are going to do one more "year" of school. Ending about the first of the year. Then I will try to get her in some type of GED program on line. Once that is passed, and yes she will be able to if she applies herself. We will investigate several "higher education" type schools for her and vocations. One area that I think she would do well in is Geriatric Care Management. This is a new field in dealing with the elderly. Pay seems pretty high for it. She does well with older people, never met a stranger, can talk to a rock and isn't easily offended by smells or such. If anyone is in this field please share your input.

OK off to be mom and granola! All have a very blessed day!

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Tasha said...

Nola, SOS has GED prep. my oldest is doing it this yr