Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vacation Day One....

We left the flat land of South eastern NM yesterday morning, none to early. We reached where we are camping about 1 PM our time. After checking in and having a late lunch we headed off to discover................ WALMART! They should really love us. Dh loaded everyone down with fishing stuff......... but me! I have no desire to drown worms or handle bait or fish. I will find stuff I want today I am sure.

After that we took off for the Pecos. We drove up Pecos canyon for about 20 miles. It was beautiful as the pictures show. I did laugh at S as she kept saying, "Wow!" or silence. I think she was impressed. After we went as far as we could they went fishing I went photographing. I caught a LOT more! This isn't all the pictures. I will try to load them on shutterfly. I loaned the kids two of my old cameras. MN decided my catching was a lot more fun than hers. She has a lot of pictures on one of those cameras to upload. We just forgot to bring it in out of the excursion last night. It was funny she would look at what I had taken pictures of and say, "I took one of that too." or "Where did you get that one?" So we may have lots of double pictures from just a little different angle or eye.

S "fishing" but for what and how?

T just full of joy and smiles.

The great fishermen er what ever!

Now to select a new background picture for my blog! Oh the choices and the tough decisions!


Heather said...

Great shots Nola! It is beautiful up there! Your new blog photo is gorgeous!

I agree with you. I would much rather be capturing photos rather than capturing dinner. Did they catch anything? It does sound like you have a budding photographer on your hands!

Happy vacationing, can't wait to see day 2!

Becky said...

I waaaannnaa be there. Not fair. Now I would have a hard time deciding between taking pictures and fishing, as I love both.