Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 2

I forgot to post yesterday morning that the Internet didn't work in the RV so I had to take my laptop down to the showers and post from there. It was 56 degrees! They fixed the net so it is working great from here. Where it is nice and warm and snuggly at about 54 this morning.

I forgot also to share I finished my lap loomed throw. I have only been working on it for over 2 years. It is big and warm and I am using it this morning. I think if I do another one I will use only one string of yarn instead of two. It is a bit heavy. I am quite pleased with it.

Highlights of the day!

We went to Old Town for a "Fiesta". It was terribly crowded. I don't think they had near as many vendors as in years past. The Indian jewelry in front of the Palace of the Governor's which is my favorite wasn't near as many. We did look then went over to the Loretto Chapel. I am not sure the kids were as impressed as I always am with it. The history of it is just amazing to me.

After that we went to the "Indian Flea Market". It is neat and has lots of neat junk, er stuff. We didn't buy anything anywhere. We found a place to eat lunch then made yet another wal-mart stop. After that we came back to camp. I napped kids played and DH did something to the excursion. Then we were off to fish again.

We had thunderstorms all around us most of the afternoon while we were in town and then at camp. When we went back to Pecos we discovered this.

See the white? We all agree it wasn't there the day before! We didn't go that direction but turned and went up the canyon. We didn't even go far. I really wanted to go way back up, but dh wanted to fish and it was late. This was the view up the canyon from where we were fishing.

While they fished, and even dh caught ONE fish I took pictures again. I really liked this picture of the leaves of fall.

I also set up a shutterfly album of all the pictures. Both mine and the kids. It has an album for me and a different one for the kids pictures.
My DD and I had saw an ant hill the day before about 6 inches high. They say that the height of the hill gives you and idea of how much snow you will get. This hill was about a foot tall.

Today when the world wakes up we will be heading down to Sandi Peak. Maybe the zoo and the aquarium there. I guess I should rattle cages since dh wanted to "leave" by 8 our time and it is now 7:24 and no a creature is stirring but me :)

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