Thursday, September 24, 2009

Party TIME!

LOL I am still struggling with MJ and his not wanting to work/help. Today he was yet again not doing. This time school. When he admitted he wasn't working instead of getting mad/frustrated I acted like I had won the lotto! Wish I had a camera handy. Oh the look I got. I start dancing around and thanking him and yelling for everyone to come join me in PARTY TIME! I dug into my stash of M&M's and put some on a plate. All the time talking like I have just been given a million dollars. Thanking MJ for choosing not to do his work. Hoping he does it often.

Kids all thought I had lost my mind. Oh the strange looks. They finally got with the program and enjoyed the M&M's and finished it off by telling MJ they hope he makes these choices often.

The whole time we are partying he is standing over there with a priceless look on his face. Even grandson got into the M&M's and DIL. We all thanked MJ!

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Teresa said...

Sounds like something I would try. You never can tell what will work. I have been known to encourage them to make their tantrum louder and kick harder cause they weren't doing it good enough. I mean if you are going to use your energy you might as well you it to your best ability.