Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We arrived home late Sunday afternoon. We unpacked what was needed and left the rest. We were pooped! I did take a few pictures the last day. This elk picture was the evening before as we came home from our circle.

Then we took some pictures at Carlsbad at the zoo. They have a really great zoo there. We hunted all week for DH a bear. This was the best we could do. He wanted to see one in the wild. Didn't happen.

Monday was spent with laundry and keeping grandson. While we were gone he got one more new tooth, learned to set up, crawl and is pulling up. He still likes being toted better than being mobile. That will soon change I'm sure.

This morning I got back in the groove of milking. Last night I separated Hershey, and Mocha from their babies. They are my first time mamas. I also separated Daisy. She is my old jersey that I want to sell. They haven't been getting any extra feed so I was pleased when I brought in 3 full gallons of milk.

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