Friday, September 11, 2009

First stop: Clovis NM

No pictures, not a lot to take pictures of in Clovis except trains and the fertilizer plant that is pretty close. Close enough when we opened the doors last night it nearly knocked you down. I guess our noses adjusted since by the time we were set up and inside I had stopped noticing it.

The RV park is packed. They are having a music festival here in town. We got here just about dark. Set up and crashed. We were all pooped. We had a lot of fun teasing S about seeing mountains. For those that don't know from where we live to Clovis the land just gets flatter, and FLATTER and ..... well when you think it can't be any flatter it becomes even more flat. Dad was nice enough to point out a cloud bank in the west and tell her if she used her imagination she could pretend they were mountains.

Today we are heading to Santa Fe, a short drive, (for us). Mapquest shows a little less than 4 hours. Depending on what time we get there we may drive up into the mountains so S can really see mountains. Or just veg at the RV park. I think they have a pool. Tomorrow plans to be a long day. We are doing Santa Fe. The square and then the Indian Flea Market. Two of the "must see's " according to the kids as they plan to show S New Mexico.

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