Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day Five.......... Taos~Red River

Day Five:

View of our camp.

We got up early and drove up to Angel Fire. On the way we managed to see 2 elk in the forest. Then more near Angel Fire. The fog was heavy around Angel Fire. I have never been up in that area that there wasn't some fog. This time it was so heavy you couldn't see far. As we drove on up higher heading for Taos the fog was below us. The area around Angel Fire looked like a shimmering lake instead of clouds.

Taos is not on my favorites list. I don't like driving there and really have not found anything that interesting about the town. I do love the Rio Grande Gorge and the Pueblo of Taos. We decided on doing the Gorge first. We didn't tell the kids where we were going. Just started talking about how the early settlers moved across this land. How easy it would be to cross this area except.......... and drove upon the gorge.

S did not like the bridge.

She said bridges like this have always bothered her. She didn't enjoy the walk across at all.

The other kids loved it. They have been there before. On the way back to Taos we saw a herd of big horn sheep. Why they were down on the flats instead of in the mountains I don't know.

We went back to Taos to the Pueblo. This “town” has been lived in for over 1000 years. I isn't the oldest pueblo in NM, or the “New World” for that matter but it is old. We took the tour then checked out many of the shops. Some of the vendors were very friendly and shared more knowledge about culture and their craft. More than once different people mentioned how well behaved the kids were. I think the fact they were interested in the stuff and not horse playing around was impressive to people.

After that we headed north. We stopped at the Red River Fish Hatchery. It was a self-guided tour. Much different than the Federal facility we had visited the day before. We didn't take the time to fish there. THEY didn't take the time to fish.

We wanted to get to Red River so the kids could ride the ski lift. It is over 2 miles long! We arrived there to find that they had the cables off working on it. So we came on around through Eagles Nest and back to Angel Fire. Then down our little road back to camp.

It was again raining when we got here. We divided up and some napped and some played chess for a while. Once the rain stopped the great fishermen took off for the river. I made coffee and enjoyed the afternoon. They decided to go up the road about ½ mile to a pond to fish. I took extra coffee, my camera and a chair and when with them.

It was pretty. I took some more pictures and just vegged and watched the kids fish. Dh caught one fish.

Then it started to sprinkle, but only on half the pond. It looked so neat with half the pond being rained on and the other half the water smooth.
Slowly the shower overtook the whole pond. I retreated to the shelter of the lone table. While the die hard fishermen kept fishing. Finally MN caught a fish too. She was quite excited.

After two of the girls froze out DH and the other two gave up fishing. Think being damp from head to foot with a temp in the 50s and a breeze off and on. DH did keep those two fish.
While I got supper out, S went and took a hot shower and the other three went to watch DH clean fish. We had home made pizzas for supper. Again I love my $3 pizza maker. I sat out all the toppings and each person built their on pizza on a tortilla. Then we scooted it off the plate onto the stone. In just a couple of minutes they had a thin crust crisp pizza to their liking. Kids were all in their night clothes before supper WITHOUT being ask to change even! After supper clean up they all retreated to their beds without us even suggesting it.

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Julie said...

Looks like lots of fun!! Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. Ya'll be blessed.